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As someone who identifies as pan, it’s such a breath of fresh air to finally find representation in the adult video world. For years I identified as bisexual. But by definition, bi means two, and as we all know, gender exists on a spectrum. I am definitely into more than just two genders. Whether they are men, women, non-binary, trans, none of that matters to me. Some people are just sexy as hell and if I’m attracted to them, it’s on.

With this PansexualX discount for 82% off, I am seeing a variety of hardcore sex videos featuring horny folks from all ends of the spectrum. They are all delectable fine specimens of humans, and they look amazing as they fuck, suck, and play in a wide variety of intense hardcore action that always satisfies.

This site is part of a much larger porn network, so you get tons of variety and niches to explore. I’m always down for broadening my sexual horizons, and if I can do it with exclusive HD videos featuring top pornstars, I’m more than down to give it a try. Especially at a price as good as this one!

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